Thriver Institute builds community, educates, advocates, and facilitates the personal growth that creates trauma-responsive care within individuals and organizations.  This is done through facilitating forums, workshops, trainings and consulting.  We are driven by the idea that mental health care is health care and that mind, body, and soul need to be healthy to thrive in life.  It is time to take trauma-informed theories to the next level so that we have community based resources designed for supporting people in a true healing process through trauma-responsive practices.

There is no such thing as a defective human being and we are all worth thriving and having authentic connection.  Thriver Institute is going to be designed to create the support needed for all communities to connect and thrive.

Please keep in contact as this site and our content are built out over the next couple of months. 

We live to THRIVE!

Surviving is important.  Thriving is elegant. – Maya Angelou

Chair Sunrise

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